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How To Find the Best Upcoming NFT

Nisan 27, 2022/

The simple tools and methods used by the best collectors and traders in the space — 2021 really was the breakout year for NFTs. We saw a huge surge in demand, especially for the generative avatar genre. Supply…

Stop Creating 10,000 NFT Collections

Nisan 27, 2022/

They’re not going to make you rich, nor will you learn something from it. Here’s what you can do instead. — If you’re intrigued about the instant riches of selling out a collection of 10,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens)…

Why I left the Bored Ape Yacht Club

Nisan 27, 2022/

In late November 2021, as part of Treeview’s business development exploration for opportunities in combining Metaverse technologies with Web3, I joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club (Link to the Post). Since joining

10 NFT Marketing Strategies 2022

Nisan 27, 2022/

Marketing NFTs isn’t a walk in the park, especially if it’s a new project. But in recent times, we’ve seen projects like BAYC and in Betweeners breaking that barrier. In 2021 alone, the volume sale of NFTs was…

What makes an NFT project successful?

Nisan 27, 2022/

I like the idea of decentralization amongst nations and want all countries to be as autonomous as possible; however, let’s say that we enter interstellar space and we discover there are hundreds of alien civilizations. Well, I don’t…

Yes as we are using the ERC-721A.

Our contract will be optimized to enable a low gas fee experience as well as being audited by a third party to ensure security and safety. Having in mind our long-term vision with the project, we want to make sure our first launch is flawless.

Avataraslisted Mint: 21st of March at

Public Raffle Mint: 22nd of March at

Each Small Bros NFT acts as an “Access Token”!

Owning a Avatars gives you exclusive access to the greatest benefits developed for the avatars. Whether for the avatars’ World, the exclusive merch in addition to all incredible aspects of Phase 2.0.

Avataraslisted Mint: 21st of March at

Public Raffle Mint: 22nd of March at

Avatarslisted Allowed mint: 2x Max
Avatarslisted Mint Price: 0.069ETH

Public Raffle Allowed mint: 1x Max
Public Raffle Mint Price: 0.079ETH

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