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Co-Founder / Visionary
Branding specialist. Passionate in creating brands, building teams, creating value-driven projects.


Talented Artist
Expert in marketing and digital strategies for 6 years. Passionate in stocks and crypto growing up.


Head Moderator
6 years experience in trading in stocks and crypto then finally DeGen culture led me into.


Back End Developer
Growing up with a passion in culture and community and development along crypto.


Front End Developer.
4 years journey in system development. All started with a passion to create the difference.

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How To Find the Best Upcoming NFT

Nisan 27, 2022/

The simple tools and methods used by the best collectors and traders in the space — 2021 really was the breakout year for NFTs. We saw a huge surge in demand, especially for the generative avatar genre. Supply…

Stop Creating 10,000 NFT Collections

Nisan 27, 2022/

They’re not going to make you rich, nor will you learn something from it. Here’s what you can do instead. — If you’re intrigued about the instant riches of selling out a collection of 10,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens)…

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